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Meet the Teachers

Help me to do it myself. -Maria Montessori

Jennie Wendel

Jennie joined our staff in 2016.  She has a BA from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma and a Master's in Early Childhood Education from the University of Washington.  She has worked in blended preschool programs and in research at the UW's Autism Center. 

Director, Kindergarten, Geography


Tracy Beals

Tracy began teaching at CMS in 2004. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Landscape Architecture and Fine Arts. She is also a seasonal park ranger at Olympic National Park.

Science, Art


Wendy Butterworth

Wendy joined our staff in the winter of 2021. She has been a parent, volunteer and substitute teacher at CMS since 2008.

Practical Life Skills,
Grace & Courtesy


Cathryne Powless

Cathryne has been a parent and volunteer at CMS since 2013. Cathryne has past experience as a veterinary assistant. Cathryne regularly volunteers for the Port Angeles School District and has also volunteered for the North Olympic Library System. Cathryne began substituting at CMS in 2016. 

Practical Life Skills, Reading, Geography


Kaydee Ciarlo

Kaydee has been a parent and volunteer at CMS since 2014. She studied Cultural Anthropology at Western Washington University. After college she worked as a reading instructor and instructional aide at the elementary school level. Most recently she taught and volunteered at the Peninsula Pre-3 Cooperative.

Practical Life Skills, Reading

Kaydee-Ciarlo-WEB (1).jpg

Our School Board of Directors

The CMS Board of Directors includes parents, teachers, and health care providers, all of whom care deeply about our school and our students and are dedicated to providing a safe learning environment.



President, Bobbie Buckley

Vice President/Treasurer, Kelly Watkins

Secretary, Katie Rudd

Board Members, Quinn Rankin

Erica Quesnel

Erik Mordecai-Smith

Bookkeeper, Kari Chance

Director, Jennie Wendel

Staff: Meet the Team
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